Introduction About Me

My name is Richard Bishop, I am the founder of Transform Ornamental screens a bespoke Craft and personal design services company, just climbing to its feet.  
I have been a practicing artist since I could hold a pencil and brush, and on leaving school in the late 70s I joined the glass industry where I learned to hone the skills of a stained glass leadlight maker, restoring ancient works to making new modern church windows. It didn’t stop there, I went on to learn many skills to do with the glass industry and spent over 20 years working fulltime in the job. I like to recycle and re-use where I can, and do my best to be ethical in the products that I use too manufacture with. 
Over the years and still continue to date, learnt many skills to do with the hand crafted markets from, working with wood ,Ceramics and leather and many other mediums on the way, so it is now that I feel I have all of the right knowledge and confidence to produce beautiful hand crafted unique pieces, mostly based on personal commission and some of my own products born from ordinary items, some of them recycled, and turning them into something a little more bespoke. To me having something personal and differently unique, is at the heart of what the company offers, and to make it affordable. You give me an idea of what you want and I will do my best to fulfil your request.  

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