Ornamental Glass Screens Builds

Ornamental Glass Screens Builds

Ornamental Glass Screens Builds

 Wooden screens need replenishing or replacing on a constant bases, Leadlight work has stood in churches ever since the 13th century, a lot of my work is still present all around Britain, in churches and homes, add a bit of colour and artistry to your garden, and it will last for ever.We can design, build and install ornamental glass crafted panel screens to add a super look to your garden.

This is a fairly new concept that I am adding to my services, and think it can add some flair, as we now tend to look at our gardens as another living space, so if you want to partition some areas off and want it to look good as well then give me a call and have a chat.(example Right is only a door panel) but the idea's and designs can be endless.

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